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import and export services (temporary employee)


hi, I offer you import and export services in Almaty (customs clearance/customs clearance)

If you are going to buy a product from abroad and do not know where to start, or how to finish, you can ask for advice / service.

1) Correct documents from the seller (invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, proof of origin, correct HS code and more)
2) The carrier company and its counterparties. auto, railway, air.
3) Coordination with Svh at the point of arrival of the goods.
4) Customs declarant, for the customs clearance process. Possible additional points such as conditional prices, inspection, inspection, certification, phytosanitary inspection and more
5) Completion of the procedure, mutual settlements, loading/unloading to and from the SVH. If necessary, sending to the regions.

Finally. We can discuss this whole process with you and conclude a deal, saving you time for delivery/dispatch, customs clearance/customs clearance of your cargo.

Additionally: If you do not have your own employees in Almaty and you need the organization of certain works, such as: Import/export/ organization of transportation /loading /unloading / warehousing / supply / search for certain goods in Kazakhstan or abroad / customs clearance / legal support / accounting support, as well as other similar, related works.

Akylbek 87019867232

Автор : Частное лицо
Телефон: +77019867232
Адрес: Алматы, , Казахстан,

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