Сверхбыстрый лазерный охладитель воды CWUP-20

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Ultrafast laser water cooler CWUP-20 is characterized by temperature stability of ± 0.1 ℃ and is applicable for cooling various types of ultrafast lasers, including femtosecond laser, nanosecond laser, picosecond laser, etc. This laser water cooler is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller that can automatically adjust water temperature.


The CWUP-20 recirculating laser cooler is convenient to use as it not only has a level sensor on the back to facilitate the water filling process, but also has dust nets that are easy to disassemble. It is manufactured by S&A Teyu Chiller, a Chinese industrial chiller supplier with 19 years of experience.


The chiller has a 2-year warranty.


S&A Chiller

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